Episode 19

From Fortillian Bantoburn O'Perfluous to the Fulornis Fire Dragon


December 14th, 2017

38 mins 28 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Mark Steadman, Jon Hickman and Danny Smith continue their mission to discuss everything in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy canon , in alphabetical order.

Fortillian Bantoburn O’Perfluous

The BarBot of the Starship Titanic, played by Dermot Crowley (from Luther, among other things). In the game, he mixes your character a bizarre cocktail that ends up helping to fix the ship. Here, Danny runs the team through some working class cocktails.


Where they say “life begins at 40,000 degrees”. This planet has fire storms, and an equable temperature is between 40,000 and 40,004 degrees. Mark asks the question of the kind of lifeforms one might expect to find on Frastra, bearing in mind that the tardigrade can only hack it up to 148.9℃.


Frogstar World B is quite staggeringly nasty, and is where Zaphod is dragged to before being put in the Total Perspective Vortex (to which we’ll come in a later episode). This planet gives us a bit of a continuity headache, as our characters happen upon it in very different ways, depending on whether you’ve read the book or listened to the second radio series.


A frood is a really amazingly together guy. And that’s about all the time there is for this segment.

Fuolornis Fire Dragon

The team discusses the sexiness - or complete lack thereof - of flying bescaled fire-breathing lizards. And Dire Straits.

Gag Halfrunt

Gag Halfrunt is Zaphod and Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz’s private brain-care specialist, and the man who employed Jeltz to destroy the Earth. He’s played by Stephen Moore in the radio series and is the man who utters the immortal words “ah, Zaphod’s just this guy, y’know?” which is one of very few Hitchhiker’s catchphrases. Danny helps Mark understand how wrong he is to like this character, given that he is quite a bit evil.

Hypothetical Slartibartfast

Vote on your favourite actor to play Slarti in a hypothetical new Netflix series of the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

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